The Maine Infantry Foundation

Preserving our rich History. Recognizing today's sacrifices.

Maine's contribution to our country's military is rich with history, heritage and heroism. Maine's military history crosses all branches of the United States Army, but the Infantry holds a special place at those crossroads. Maine's Infantry contribution dates from the very beginnings of our great country and continues through to the current Global War on Terrorism.

The purpose of the Maine Infantry Foundation is two fold: preserve Maine’s rich Infantry history and recognize and reward the sacrifices of today’s modern Maine Infantryman.

Contact Information & Updates


    Maine Infantry Foundation
    PO Box 8302
    Bangor, Maine 04402-8302

    We will sponsor and collaborate on 4 major events this year!

    1.The National Infantry Association Dinner - December 2015

    2. "Theater of War" at the Penobscot Theater ( November 12, 2015

    3. The Joshua Chamberlain Classic (Golf Tournament) - July 2016

    4. The Wounded Warrior Machine Gun Shoot - August 2016

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